Transfer Pricing Seminar 3/2017

It is time for the next Grant Thornton transfer pricing seminar in our series. This seminar will focus on transfer pricing implications in relation to intangible and financial transactions. For more information or to register and attend for free, click here.

Hope to see you there.

Transfer pricing seminar: Services

Our second transfer pricing seminar will be held on 23 May 2017 in Johannesburg (at our offices), and you are invited. We have some exciting content and Q&As and will put the speakers on the spot. We have over 100 attendees who have already registered. The previous transfer pricing seminar had approx. 50 attendees which shows that the first seminar was a success. Continue reading “Transfer pricing seminar: Services”

First transfer pricing seminar: Your obligations, your risks, your opportunities

Grant Thornton is introducing a series of transfer pricing seminars jointly hosted by AJ (Grant Thornton TP Partner) and yours truly. Find more information and register here (it is free of charge). Our first seminar is held in Johannesburg on 26 January 2017, but if you are not able to attend we will be bringing some of our top seminars to Cape Town and Durban. I will let you know the details closer to the time.

The first transfer pricing seminar will explore what transfer pricing is, how it is governed (with the latest updates to compulsory transfer pricing documentation and country-by-country reporting), the obligations it may create and the risks that may inadvertently be created for multinational companies.

Hope to see you there!