The last of my weekly transfer pricing roundups

It was about a year ago when I started with the weekly transfer pricing roundups. They have been fun and I hope you liked them as much as I did, but everything has to end. I have noticed that I spent a lot of time on them, but I don’t have enough time to do both, a transfer pricing roundup and a technical analysis. I do enjoy the technical aspects of transfer pricing and as such have decided to continue with the “A new transfer pricing perspective” posts. These won’t be weekly as they are more time intensive but I will aim to do 1-2 a month.

If you have any topics that you think have not been researched or discussed enough, please let me know and I will try give them a worthy analysis. If you think the weekly roundups will be missed too much, I could try do a monthly one, just on the most important bits? Do let me know your thoughts.

Stay tuned.

What are your thoughts?

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