Transfer pricing seminar: Services

Our second transfer pricing seminar will be held on 23 May 2017 in Johannesburg (at our offices), and you are invited. We have some exciting content and Q&As and will put the speakers on the spot. We have over 100 attendees who have already registered. The previous transfer pricing seminar had approx. 50 attendees which shows that the first seminar was a success.

If you are not able to attend, follow the #GTTax hashtag on twitter to see what it is all about and if you are not in Johannesburg, we will try have a similar session in Cape Town and Durban soon. If you are attending, we will have a small surprise in store and you can even win a small something. Below is a quick summary of what the transfer pricing seminar entails. Hope to see you there.

Intra-group services are some of the most common transactions that take place in a related-party context. It is common to see transactions in which one group member provides administrative, commercial, financial or technical services to another or the whole group. Service transactions are also among the most common when it comes to transfer pricing adjustments from the tax authorities as the description of services is quite vague and taxpayers do not always have enough support to defend their position.

In this complimentary TP seminar we will explore the major issues faced by taxpayers when it comes to intra-group service transactions and what a taxpayer should consider in supporting their service transactions. The TP seminar will touch on the benefit test for services, the different TP methodologies applicable including profit level indicators, allocation keys and common issues faced by taxpayers. Register here.

If you would like to join any other seminar or would like to be put on the Grant Thornton e-taxline or mailer list, please let me know so I can arrange that accordingly.

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