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I wish you all the best for the New Year. 2017 is going to have a lot in store for us and with the new year I will refresh the current weekly transfer pricing posts. As I am still getting back into things this blog post will be short. If you are keen to read more on what happen during the holiday break, look at my twitter feed (@MarcusStelloh), but one thing I wanted to share is the following:

World Bank publishes transfer pricing handbook for developing countries

“The Handbook, which comprises eight chapters, does not purport to be a substitute or an alternative to the existing OECD Guidelines and UN Manual. Rather, the Handbook draws on the practical lessons learned by the World Bank Group and other international organisations in working with governments around the globe to design and implement transfer pricing rules. In this regard, the Handbook provides technical guidance and country examples to assist policy makers and practitioners with the design, implementation and administration of transfer pricing rules based on international practices.

Importantly, in the current international tax environment, the Handbook recognises the need to balance revenue collection and investment climate objectives. In this context, the Handbook explores the key practical challenges faced and the solutions adopted by developing countries in implementing transfer pricing rules based on international practices, whilst highlighting the importance of providing access to mechanisms for avoiding and resolving transfer pricing disputes.”

You can find a copy of the handbook here.

What are your thoughts?

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